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Where there is air, there is moisture, especially in South Georgia’s and Alabama’s very humid climate. While it is ideal to maintain a dry crawlspace, factors like high humidity, seasonal precipitation, and excessive condensation from ductwork can cause moisture to build up in the crawlspace and create stress for homeowners.

To help address concerns about moisture in the crawlspace, let’s look at:

  • Causes of Excessive Moisture
  • Normal Moisture Levels in a Crawlspace
  • When to Take Action Against Excessive Moisture

Factors that Contribute to Moisture in the Crawlspace

There are several reasons you may notice excessive moisture in your crawlspace, including:

  • Condensation from A/C ductwork
  • Excessive ground water
  • Excessive precipitation
  • High humidity
  • Improper grading of the land where home sits
  • Leaking pipes
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Poor ventilation

Some Moisture in the Crawlspace is Normal

Because of our humid climate and many other factors, it’s normal to have some moisture accumulation in your crawlspace. A little bit of moisture should not bring about a lot of concern. Excessive moisture is where serious issues can begin to arise, like causing floors to buckle, activating wood-destroying funguses that can deteriorate your subfloors, and attraction of destructive pests (like termites or powderpost beetles).

Keep an Eye on Your Crawlspace

Periodic inspections of your crawlspace are crucial in preventing issues caused by excessive moisture. If standing water, discolored subfloors, pipe leaks, dripping ductwork, or active termites or powderpost beetles are seen, these could be signs that your crawlspace has too much moisture. Many crawlspaces develop serious moisture issues, but homeowners are unaware because they do not ever go under their homes.

Check Wood Moisture Levels in Crawlspace

As discussed above, various factors can cause your crawlspace to experience excessive moisture. One way to determine if your crawlspace has a moisture issue is to check the wood moisture content using a wood moisture meter. These handheld devices are able to tell you if your subfloors and floor joists are holding excessive moisture. Readings between 7%-19% wood moisture content are considered normal. Readings over 19% indicate the wood is holding excessive moisture, and steps may need to be taken to address the moisture before issues arise.

Signs of Too Much Moisture in the Crawlspace

If you are experiencing excessive moisture in your crawlspace, you may notice:

  • A/C ductwork is “sweating” (condensation) profusely
  • Discoloration of subfloors and floor joists in crawlspace
  • Fallen Insulation
  • Floors “bouncing” a little when you walk on them
  • Floors buckling or cupping inside the home
  • Large amounts of standing water in your crawlspace
  • Musty smells inside the home and in the crawlspace
  • Termite, powderpost beetle, or wood boring beetle infestations

Adams Exterminators performs thorough crawlspace inspections and offers leading solutions for moisture control.

From detailed evaluations to debris removal, moisture barrier installation, vent sealing, and dehumidifier installation, our team offers the services needed to create and maintain a healthy crawlspace.

Call (229) 435-6257 to request a crawlspace inspection by one of our moisture control experts.