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Why Adams Exterminators in Moultrie, GA?

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One-Stop for Pests & Moisture Control

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Moultrie, GA Pest Control

For a slice of history in a laid-back setting, people come to Moultrie. For the hot summers and mild winters, so do pests. We offer turnkey pest control solutions for families and businesses throughout our expansive service area and back every one of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our state-licensed pest control technicians are skilled in identifying interior and exterior pests, closing off access points, and applying the best in chemical or organic pest control products that not only kill existing invaders, but stay active to take care of any incoming insects or other pests.

Our Process


Contact Us

Regardless of whether you need routine pest control or want to address a specific infestation, call us at 229-435-6257 for a free, no-obligation evaluation.


Home Inspection

A state-licensed service technician will inspect and evaluate your home, creating a treatment plan that’s customized to meet your needs.



We can perform a one-time service to eradicate a specific pest or schedule a recurring visit to ensure that your home remains pest-free.


Follow Up

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied – even if that means coming back to your location.

A Service Plan for Any Budget

A one-time treatment gets rid of pests for now. Recurring treatment keeps them away for good. With an Adams Exterminators pest control service plan, our state-licensed technicians will make monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly visits to apply treatments and keep your home pest-free.

Solutions for Any Pest

Our treatments can help eliminate insects and other pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes
  • Roaches
  • Rodents, including rats and mice
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets

Green Pest Control: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Home

We are proud to offer our customers a green pest control service. During our green service, we use botanical insecticides that are derived from flowers, plants, and natural elements from the earth. Our service will provide a pest-free environment while maintaining the lowest environmental impact possible.

Commercial Pest Control From Our Dedicated Team

One whole department at Adams Exterminators is dedicated to providing pest control solutions for commercial customers. Our commercial technicians have the experience and expertise to ensure that your industry’s strict compliance guidelines for pest control are met.

Say Goodbye to Mice and Rats with Rodent Control from Adams

Not all pests are bugs. Mice and rats are other common intruders that simply aren’t welcome in anyone’s home or business. These and other rodents can fit into a surprisingly small gap and bring disease, fleas, and other threats into your home. Not to mention, they can cause property damage with their clawing, chewing, and waste products.

A minor rodent problem can be handled with glue boards and/or disposable mouse stations and is included with all of our recurring pest control plans.

For more significant or ongoing rodent infestations, we offer a rodent control program that keeps rats and mice at bay using bait stations.

Moultrie, GA Termite Control

Moultrie is home to a number of historical homes and properties. If termites had their way, though, no home in our beautiful town would ever last long enough to reach any milestones. On average, every acre of land in the Southeast has 8-12 termite colonies, each one housing between 10,000 and one million wood-hungry termites.

Usually, by the time you see any signs, your home or business has been infested with termites for quite some time, and the damage is already extensive. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Adams to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with our expertly applied termite control and unbeatable termite damage guarantee.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Any of the following symptoms might indicate a termite infestation. If you see them, don’t hesitate – call right away and have Adams Exterminators’ state-licensed technicians provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation.

  • Discolored or deformed drywall
  • Mud tubes/tunnels leading from the ground up to your home
  • Piles of wings left behind by swarming termites
  • Peeling, bubbling paint
  • Fragmented, damaged wood
  • Flying termites are seen on your property when they swarm

The Right Tools for the Job: Sentricon® and Termidor

To get rid of existing infestations and prevent future attacks, Adams Exterminators relies on two primary weapons: Sentricon® bait stations and Termidor liquid termite treatment. Depending on your circumstances and budget, our expert team can use either of these solutions to remove the termite threat and put your mind at ease.

Sentricon® Termite Bait Stations

As the first pest control company ever authorized to use the Sentricon System, Adams Exterminators has wide experience with this powerful product.

With Sentricon, there’s no reason to drill holes into your home’s foundation or cut trenches around the home’s exterior, as with traditional liquid applications. Instead, the system relies on bait stations inserted into the ground to keep termites at bay. The result? Non-invasive, effective termite control that lasts for years and saves hundreds of gallons of water over liquid applications.

Termidor Liquid Termite Control

When a liquid termite control solution is the preferred option, Adams Exterminators turns to Termidor.  A completely odorless treatment that is undetectable by termites, Termidor is applied to and around the home.

When a termite comes into contact with Termidor, it becomes a “carrier,” transferring the treatment to each other termite it touches. In turn, those termites then continue to spread the treatment throughout the colony like a virus, quickly leading to the complete eradication of the colony.

Adams Exterminators Termite Guarantee

After we’ve completed your termite treatment, Adams offers a termite guarantee to give you additional peace of mind. Customers choosing a termite guarantee can rest assured that if a termite infestation occurs, Adams will not only re-treat to destroy the new infestation for free, we will also repair any damages caused by the active termites.

This guarantee acts like an insurance policy, letting you enjoy your home without the anxiety of worrying about future termite damage. Our guarantee includes:

  • An annual termite inspection
  • Re-treatment of any active termites found at your home, at no charge
  • Repair of damages caused by active termites
  • Service and replenishment of Sentricon® bait stations, if applicable
  • Transfer of coverage to a new homeowner if you sell your home

Moultrie, GA Mosquito Control

While roaches or rodents might be the most unsettling and termites the most damaging pests that home or business owners ever encounter, the most dangerous is easily the all-too-common mosquito.  Not only do these tiny flying menaces cause painful, itchy welts with their bites, they also can carry a frightening array of diseases, including:

  • Dengue fever
  • Eastern equine encephalitis virus
  • La Crosse encephalitis virus
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus

When your health is on the line, why trust anyone but the best? Adams Exterminators offers fast and effective mosquito control measures designed to keep your lawn free from the flying pests. Our control program can reduce mosquito populations by up to 95%.

Mosquito control service is flexible and affordable, providing both one-time and seasonal or year-round recurring service options.

Mosquito Control Program

Customers who choose to enroll in our mosquito control program enjoy monthly visits from Adams Exterminators’ state-licensed professional technicians. At each visit, Adams will use an outdoor fogger system to blanket both the perimeter of your lawn and the places mosquitoes congregate with a long-lasting mosquito repellent.

We also treat mosquito breeding areas where standing water is found, such as bird baths and fountains, by adding a special treatment that inhibits the growth of insect larva.

Customers can choose from either seasonal or year-round mosquito control. Seasonal treatment takes place from March to October, covering the months when mosquitos are most active. Year-round control provides 12 monthly services, ensuring that even the usual South Georgia winter warm snaps don’t leave you dealing with out-of-season mosquitoes.

One-Time Treatment

Having an outdoor gathering? Need to have your vacation home treated before your summer getaway?  Our technicians are also available for one-time mosquito treatments that reduce the mosquito population and make the outdoors more enjoyable for all.

Green Mosquito Treatment

For customers who want to reduce both their mosquito population and their impact on the environment, Adams offers a green mosquito control product derived from botanicals and other natural elements. These treatments occur on the same schedule as our traditional mosquito control services.

Adams Exterminators’ Expansive Service Area

Adams Exterminators has been providing quality pest control services since 1971. Our service area covers all of Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama.

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