Fire Ant Control Program

Are fire ant mounds scattered about your yard? If so, the mounds are unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. Within and under that mound are extensive tunnels that can extend to depths of 10 feet or more. Up to 500,000 fire ants can be found in one single ant mound! The fire ant mounds themselves are unsightly, but the bigger issue is their dangerous bites that can cause pain, itching, swelling, or even airway constriction for those who are allergic.

For a safer, more enjoyable yard for you and your family, Adams Exterminators offers a fire ant control program. One of our technicians will come to your home and treat your yard with a fire ant granular bait every 3 months. At Adams, we want your yard to be enjoyable for all without the worry of fire ants harming those you love.

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Why is the Southeast Ideal for Fire Ants?

The Southeastern United States has a climate that is ideal for fire ants with warmer temperatures and elevated moisture levels in the air. In addition, the abundance of farmland, pastures, fields, and golf courses give fire ant colonies the perfect sunny, flat landscape to call home. Even during the extremely hot and dry months, fire ants can dig their tunnels down further into the earth finding ideal living conditions.

How the Program Works

Our Fire Ant Control Program ensures your yard remains free of fire ant colonies. Here’s how our program works:

Property Evaluation

One of our licensed technicians will come to your home and do a thorough inspection of your yard and any other areas of concern. They will then be able to determine how extensive the fire ant issue is and give you a quote based on how many acres are needing to be treated.

Unlike our recurring pest control services, the Fire Ant Control Program treats the yard in its entirety, not just the 15-foot perimeter of the home.


Quarterly Treatment

You will receive four fire ant treatments during the year (one every three months). Using an effective granular product, each application is strategically timed each quarter to maximize the effectiveness of these products, thereby reducing the number of fire ant mounds on your property.

Your technician will distribute the granular bait throughout the yard which contains an insect growth regulator. The ants then take the bait back to their colony where they and the queen will ingest the product, leading to eradication. Due to the insect growth regulator in the granule needing some time to take effect, full colony eradication can take up to two weeks. If at any time during your fire ant program a new mound appears, we will come out and do an extra treatment free of charge.


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