Spider Reduction Program

Do you own a waterfront home with a dock? If yes, then you likely enjoy spending time on your dock. Unfortunately, spiders and their countless webs seem to love your dock even more. Adams Exterminators has a solution to your spider problem! Our experienced team can reduce the number of spiders and spider webs on your dock tremendously so you can enjoy your waterfront property again!

How Our Spider Reduction Program Works

Our spider treatment can significantly reduce the number of webs and spiders you find on your dock. Plus, we do it without applying harmful pesticides that contaminate your pond or lake. Here’s how it works:



Apply Natural Botanical Product

We never want to contaminate a lake, river, or pond with products that could harm the aquatic life below your dock. Instead, we use a botanical product that’s safe to use over water but deadly to spiders. This botanical product kills spiders on contact and helps prevent new spider webs from forming. We apply the product using a backpack mister to ensure all the small nooks and crannies of your dock are accounted for.


Physically Remove Spider Webs

Using a cobweb buster, our team clears your dock of any spider webs. We also apply our liquid botanical product to the brush head so as the webs are removed, the botanical product is distributed across any surface the brush touches. This botanical product will help deter spiders from building a web in that area in the future. Our cobweb brush allows us to get to even the hardest to reach places, ensuring your dock sees a significant decrease in both spiders and their webs.


Reapply Regularly

Our team repeats this spider reduction service twice a month.

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Why Do Spiders Thrive on Docks?

It’s no secret that mosquitos, mayflies, gnats, and other insects flock to water sources, especially in the warmer months. With the water-loving insects also comes the predators, including spiders. Docks are attractive homes for spiders, providing a place to nest with plenty of food, weave webs, and capture their prey.