Moisture Control Services

Adams Exterminators provides various moisture control solutions to help mitigate any issues caused by excessive moisture in your home or business’s crawlspace. One of our experienced, state-licensed technicians will come to your property, assess your crawlspace’s condition, and offer you a resolution to your excessive moisture issue.

Signs of Moisture Issues

Poorly designed water drainage systems, excessive soil water content, inadequate ventilation, high humidity, frequent precipitation, and uncontrolled condensation from A/C ductwork are all factors that can cause moisture issues in your crawlspace. Besides going into your crawl space and performing a thorough inspection, there are some signs that your property does have a moisture issue. Some of the signs include:

  • Cupping of floors
  • Fungal growth on the wood framing in the crawlspace
  • Musty smell in your home
  • Hanging or fallen insulation
  • Excessive condensation appearing on your ductwork

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Customized Dehumidification System

Adams offers an industry-leading dehumidification system installation for our customers experiencing excessive moisture issues in their crawlspace. Here is how our moisture control process works:


Crawlspace Evaluation

One of our moisture control specialists will do an inspection of your crawlspace to determine if the dehumidification system is right for your home. If a dehumidification system is needed, we will tailor a moisture control plan to fit your space’s needs and schedule a date for the installation.


Debris Removal

When our moisture control team arrives at your home to install the full dehumidification system, they will begin by removing any debris (i.e. old moisture barriers, fallen insulation, wood debris, etc).


Moisture Barrier Installation

We will cover the ground and the foundation walls of your crawlspace with either a 6 mil, 8 mil, or 12 mil fiberglass reinforced polyethylene liner. The liner will be tightly secured to both the ground and the foundation wall for optimal moisture protection.

dehumidifier under floorboards


Sealing Vents

All crawlspace vents are sealed to make sure warm, humid air cannot enter the crawlspace from outside. The moisture from the air will often be absorbed into wood, attract termites, and form a conducive environment for fungal growth. A well-sealed crawlspace will increase the efficiency of the dehumidifier that will be installed in the crawlspace.


Dehumidifier Installation

After the moisture barrier is installed and vents are sealed, the dehumidifier will be installed. The dehumidifier will regulate the moisture levels in the crawlspace by removing excess humidity in the air.  The unit has a humidistat that will turn the machine on and off based on humidity levels in a similar fashion to how the air conditioner in your home turns on and off based on temperature. We use the most reliable, high quality dehumidifiers on the market that are designed specifically for crawlspaces. Each unit comes with a 5 or 6 year manufacturer’s warranty depending on the model.

adams service worker next to dehumidifier


Condensate Pump Installation

A condensate pump will be installed to pump out the water removed by the dehumidifier to the exterior of the home. This is done via a drain line that is attached to your floor joists and runs through either an existing foundation vent or through a small hole drilled through the foundation wall for homes that do not have foundation vents present.



Lastly, in order to monitor the crawlspace humidity at any given time, our technicians will install a thermo-hydrometer in the crawlspace. This thermo-hydrometer will transmit a current reading of your crawlspace humidity to a digital display inside your home, allowing you to see real-time humidity levels. If the humidity in the crawlspace goes outside of the desired range, simply give us a call, and we will have a moisture control technician come to your home to assess.

Dehumidifier Service Program

For a flat annual fee, we come out twice a year to service your dehumidifier: we change the filter, ensure the crawlspace humidity is within proper range (if it is not, we adjust the dehumidifier accordingly), change the batteries in the thermo-hydrometer and the digital display, clean out the dehumidifier drain and clear tubing to ensure your dehumidifier is clog-free, and ensure the condensate pump and dehumidifier are running correctly.

If there is an issue with any of the dehumidification system components, we will handle all warranty claims or give you an estimate for any repairs needed.

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