Termite Control Services

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home or business from termites. Termites will oftentimes go undetected until they have caused extensive and costly damage. Call the experts at Adams Exterminators to evaluate your property and come up with the best option to protect your home or business from termites.

Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Discolored or deformed drywall
  • Mud tubes/tunnels leading from the ground up to your home
  • Piles of wings left behind by swarming termites
  • Peeling, bubbling paint
  • Fragmented, damaged wood
  • Flying termites are seen on your property when they swarm

Termites thrive in warm, humid environments, making our area the perfect home for colonies. These colonies can have a population from the tens of thousands to well over 1 million termites. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses each year in the U.S. They infest wooden structures, including those built on a concrete slab, and cause more damage than fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined.

While homeowner’s insurance will help cover losses from natural disasters, they rarely cover termite damage. In the Southeast, we have one of the highest concentrations of termite colonies in the country. There are on average 8-12 termite colonies per acre.  That’s a lot of termites.

Adams Exterminators’ Termite Guarantee

Adams Exterminators offers a termite guarantee on homes and businesses after we complete a termite treatment. We are positioned to provide a repair and retreatment guarantee, taking the stress and worry of a future termite infestation off of our customers. Should a future termite infestation occur, we will repair the damages caused by the active termites as well as treat the termites at no additional charge.

Termite Guarantee

At Adams Exterminators, we have been protecting homes and businesses from termites since 1971.  We offer termite guarantees on homes and businesses after we complete an initial termite treatment. Your termite guarantee acts as an insurance policy in the event that your property is infested by termites.  To start the coverage process, we will inspect your property and tailor a treatment plan based on your needs.  We provide repair and retreatment guarantees for over 90% of the structures that we treat.  There are some structures that we are only able to offer retreatment or maintenance coverage due to the way in which they are constructed.

What our guarantee includes:

  • An annual inspection of your property for termites
  • Retreatment of active termites found at no charge
  • Repair of damages caused by active termites at no charge (For Repair Guarantees)
  • Servicing the bait stations around the perimeter of your property (For customers with the Sentricon termite baiting system)
  • Transfer of coverage to the new homeowner if you sell your home

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Sentricon Termite Control


Adams Exterminators was the first pest control company in the nation to become an authorized operator for the Sentricon® System. Sentricon® provides homeowners with an alternative to traditional liquid treatments and does not require any drilling into the foundation or floors of your home.

Sentricon® is the proven leader in termite baiting systems and this is backed by the research of over 30 universities and the US Department of Agriculture. Over four million homes are currently protected by the Sentricon® system including the White House and other national treasures.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our licensed, knowledgeable technicians will come to your home or business to evaluate your property. They will design a plan for installing the Sentricon bait stations.
  • As worker termites forage for food, they ingest the bait and feed it to other members of the colony.
  • The active ingredient in the bait works to prevent the molting process, effectively killing the termites and eliminating the colony.
  • Our technicians monitor the stations periodically for signs of termite activity and replace the baits as needed.

Advantages of Sentricon

  • Installation and monitoring are minimally invasive and do not require drilling or digging trenches around the foundation of your home.
  • Sentricon® is the only termite treatment to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and saves hundreds of gallons of water required for traditional termite treatments.

Termidor Treatment – Liquid Termite Control

Over the last 50+ years, Adams has treated thousands of homes in Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama using liquid barrier treatments. During this period of time, the types of products used has changed dramatically. At Adams, our liquid product of choice is Termidor.

  • Termidor is odorless and completely undetectable by termites
  • When a termite comes in contact with Termidor, it becomes a “carrier,” transferring the Termidor to each termite it comes in contact with. Secondary carriers continue transferring Termidor to other termites, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony
  • This unique attribute allows Termidor to effectively eradicate a termite colony

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