Rodent Control Program

Rats and mice are not welcomed guests in homes and businesses. They can carry diseases that make you sick, contaminate your food or water, and cause significant property damage to your home or business. If your property has a rodent issue, the experienced team at Adams Exterminators is here to help!

Solutions for Rodent Issues Big and Small

For minor rodent issues, we can install glue boards and/or disposable mouse stations. This service is included with any of our recurring pest control programs, but we can also offer a one-time service for rodents as well.

If your home or business has chronic and significant rodent intrusions, we offer a rodent control program that keep rodents at bay month after month.

How Our Rodent Control Program Works

Call 229-435-6257 to schedule a rodent control inspection!

Rodent Control Program FAQ

Are the rodent bait stations pet and child safe?

Yes, our bait stations are securely locked and inaccessible to curious pets or children. The only way to open the bait stations and access the contents is with a special key, accessible only to our exterminators.

How do I know I have a rodent problem?

Signs of a rat or mouse problem include observing droppings, shredded paper and other debris used to make a nest, and hearing scratching or scurrying sounds in your floors or walls at night.

How Can I Prevent Rodents on My Property?

The best way to prevent rodents is to ensure your home is well sealed from the exterior.  This can sometimes prove difficult with older homes.  Additionally, be sure to store food properly and keep the kitchen and pantry clean. Also, try to keep ivy, shrubs, bushes, and limbs from growing against your home.  Rodents can use these as habitats for nesting and to gain access into your property.  Rodent pressure often increases during the colder months as they are looking for warm areas to nest.