New Construction Termite Treatments

For new construction projects of any size, the Adams Exterminators team provides pretreatment to mitigate termite infestation. We also perform thorough inspections for newly constructed properties and before real estate transactions.

Protect your structure from termites.
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Termidor Liquid Treatment

A nonrepellent termiticide that is undetectable by subterranean termites, Termidor uses an advanced liquid technology. Termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid it. Not only do termites die after ingesting the liquid, but also through the transfer effect, they infect other termites they encounter.

Sentricon Bait System

A system of bait stations, Sentricon is an innovative termite treatment that contains a bait that prevents termites from molting, causing them to die. Worker termites will forage for food, ingest the bait, and feed it to others in the colony.

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