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If you find signs of termite damage in your home or discover evidence of a termite colony nearby, you must begin a termite treatment plan. With the right solutions, you can either stop an infestation from progressing further or prevent termites from finding your home in the first place. Even if you do not yet suspect termites near your home, preventative termite control from Adams Exterminators will save you money and major headaches in the long run.

In our area of the southeast, a termite infestation is not a matter of “if” but “when.” These destructive foragers continuously hunt for cellulose and stay on the move until they find it. Unfortunately, a common source of cellulose is the wood materials used to construct your home, and termites’ movements are so sneaky that homeowners often realize the presence of termites only after costly damage is done.

To protect your home and finances, keep termites away with industry-leading termite treatment solutions from Adams Exterminators.

In last month’s article, we detailed our termite control products, Termidor (liquid termite control) and Sentricon® (termite baiting stations). This month, we’re discussing how long these treatment plans last and the benefits of maintaining a termite retreatment and repair guarantee from Adams Exterminators for the ultimate protection against termites.

How Long Do Our Treatments Last?

Termidor Liquid Termite Control

When you choose a liquid treatment from Adams Exterminators, we’ll chemically treat your home with Termidor. This liquid barrier shields your home from termites and only requires retreatment every ten years.

Termidor is unique in that it possesses an effective quality called the “transfer effect.” When termites come into contact with termidor, it does not kill them immediately. It allows them to walk around their extensive underground tunnels covered in this lethal product for a small amount of time. Quickly, the termidor-infected termites rub up against all the other termites, spreading the deadly product to the entire colony. Even the secondary infected termites spread the product around. Soon the entire colony is eradicated.

If an active termite infestation exists, Termidor will be used to eradicate the colony at the site of infestation due to its quick onset of action. Termidor can also be used as a preventive termite solution for homes by treating the exterior perimeter of the home and the crawlspace (if applicable). Customers that opt for Termidor are placed under one of Adams’ industry leading termite guarantees.

Sentricon® Baiting System

Sentricon® is an award-winning, environmentally friendly, drill-free product that works to prevent termites from ever reaching your home. The bait in the Sentricon® eradicates the entire termite colony once ingested. Termites are social insects, and sharing their food is a must. They will ingest the bait, return to the rest of the colony, and proceed to share their findings with others. Soon, the entire colony is eradicated.

Your Adams technician will install a system of termite baiting stations in strategic locations around your home. After installation, you will never have to retreat your home for termites, and your property can remain protected for life as long as the annual renewal fee is current. New customers are automatically placed under one of Adams’ termite guarantees upon Sentricon® installation.

About the Adams Exterminators Termite Retreatment or Repair Guarantee

Adams Exterminators offers a lifetime of termite protection through our termite guarantee. Whether choosing Termidor or Sentricon®, customers who receive treatment from our team are automatically placed under guarantee and receive benefits like:

  • Annual inspection of the property
  • Annual monitoring of the Sentricon® baiting stations
  • Repairs for termite damage if developed after treatment from Adams (if under repair guarantee)
  • Retreatment if active termites are found after initial treatment
  • Transfer of coverage if you sell your home

Our termite guarantee ensures ultimate protection and peace of mind, as your home is under careful watch by the termite control experts. To reap all the benefits of our guarantee, you must maintain annual renewal through an affordable yearly fee.

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to termites. Apply long-lasting termite treatment with help from Adams Exterminators.

Through our annually renewable termite guarantee, you’ll save yourself from experiencing severe and costly termite damage at your home, business, or property. Talk to the team at Adams Exterminators today to learn more about the benefits of our termite guarantee, annual inspections, and treatment solutions: (229) 435-6257

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